9th Class

  • “युवा विज्ञानी कार्यक्रम”-Yuvika-2023 Registration Strat

    Indian Space Research Organisation is organising a special programme for School Children called “Young Scientist Programme” “YUva VIgyani KAryakram”, YUVIKA, to impart basic knowledge on Space Technology, Space Science and Space Applications to the younger students in emerging trends in space science and technology amongst the youngsters, who are the future building blocks of our nation. ISRO has chalked out this programme to “Catch them young”. The programme is also expected to encourage more students to pursue in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based research /career

       Yuvika -2023 is being announced. Here are the important Dates



    Marks obtained in Class 8 or last conducted exam (Student)

    50 %
    Performance in the online quiz 10%
    Participation in science fair (school / district / state & above level in last 3 years) 2/5/10%
    Rank in Olympiad or equivalent (1 to 3 rank in School / District / State & above level in last 3 years) 2/4/5%
    Winners of sport competitions ( 1 to 3 rank in School / District / State & above level in last 3 years) 2/4/5%
    Scout and Guides / NCC / NSS Member in last 3 years 5%
    Studying in Village / Rural School located in Panchayat area 15%



      • A minimum participation will be ensured from each State / UT. The programme is planned at seven centres of ISRO viz.
        • Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun.
        • Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram.
        • Satish Dhavan Space Center (SDSC) Sriharikota.
        • U. R. Rao Satellite Centre (URSC), Bengaluru.
        • Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad.
        • National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Hyderabad.
        • North-Eastern Space Applications Centre (NE-SAC), Shillong.
      • Expenditure towards only the travel of selected student (II AC train fare or AC (including Volvo) bus fare by State Government or authorized transport from nearest Railway Station/ Bust terminal to the reporting centre and back). Student needs to produce original ticket of travel for reimbursement of travel fare from respective ISRO centre. In case the student has not travelled by the II AC train (II AC class), the maximum reimbursement of fare will be limited to II AC train fare only.
      • The course material, lodging and boarding etc., during the entire course will be borne by ISRO.